Oliver Twist: Chapter 53 - Summary & Analysis

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Rose's Marriage with Harry Maylie

      After three months Harry got married with Rose where Harry was to work as a clergyman. After marriage, Harry started functioning as a clergyman at the church. Mrs. Maylie now began to stay with her son and her daughter-in-law and she was feeling greatest happiness. Now, the property of Monks was divided between Oliver and Monks equally, but with the condition that none of the illegal activities of Monks should come out in the eyes of police. This understanding was made between Mr. Brownlow and Monks then he left London with his share.

The End of Monk's Life

      Now, Monks shifted to a distant part of America with his share of property. Here, he had soon lavished his money and again fell into his past evil deeds. He had to undergo a long imprisonment and finally was attacked with his old disease epilepsy and died. (Here we are made to recall that Monks were used to suffering from a fit of faint.)

Everyone found a New Turn in their Life

      Mr. Brownlow adopted Oliver as his son and shifted with him and Mrs. Bedwin to a place only one mile distant from Harry Maylie's house, so as to be close to his old friends. Dr. Losberne also handed over his business to his assistant and started living in a cottage outside the village where Harry Maylie was a clergyman. He took up gardening, carpentry, fishing and other such pursuit. Mr. Grimwing, always ready "to eat his head" had developed an intimacy with Dr. Losberne and paid frequent visits to him

The whereabouts of other Characters

      Noah Clapole was forgiven by the court because he had stood against the case of Fagin and now became a professional police informer for his livelihood and it was hard to find other job. Charlotte was living with him. Mr. and Mrs. Bumble were deprived of their posts of the managers of workhouse and were reduced to poverty. Their condition became so miserable that they were admitted as paupers to the same workhouse where they had been once posted on high posts. Giles and Brittles were staying with Harry Maylie but also took care of Mr. Brownlow, Oliver and Dr. Losberne. Charley Bates, after feeling a sense of horror at the murder of Nancy now realized the futility of the life of a criminal, therefore, he decided to quit this job and adopted an honest trade. Later he became a grazier in Northamptonshire. Thus novel meets a happy ending.

Critical Analysis

      This is the last chapter of the novel. The end is happy in conventional manner. The end of the novel is on the whole convincing and satisfactory.

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