Oliver Twist: Chapter 50 - Summary & Analysis

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Police had Arrested Mr. Bolter and Fagin

      There was a locality named Jacob's Island. This locality was much filthy and there were several decayed and old houses. In one house, there were sitting three men altogether in a gloomy silence. They were Toby Crackit, Tom Chittling and a robber named Kags who had been transported from England to some distant country but he had stealthily — turned to England. The house was of Toby Crackit and he was feeling bad that Tom had come there to get a shelter when Fagin and Sikes were to be arrested by the police. Their conversation revealed that Fagin had already been captured by the police at two o'clock afternoon. Chitling informed it to them that he had escaped with Bates from the den of Fagin. Mr. Bolter also was arrested, and Betsy was hospitalized because when she had seen the dead body of Nancy she went mad.

Sikes arrived at Toby's House in order to take Shelter

      Sikes' dog suddenly leaped into the room through the window and everybody felt alarmed at the presumption that Sikes was very close to them, either somewhere near or expected to come. But they did not find Sikes around. After some time somebody knocked the door and it was Sikes who entered. He asked Toby if he could take shelter there or he would betray him. Toby said that if he thinks this place was safe he could stay there. After some moments Charley Bates also reached there and he too was allowed to stay there. As Bates saw Sikes he got furious. He made an attack upon Sikes because he had killed Nancy. But Sikes was more shong and he threw Bates to the ground. Toby pulled Sikes but Bates started shrieking for help.

The Death of Sikes and His Dog

      A crowd gathered in the street because police had been looking for Sikes. Bates told the crowd to break the door. Sikes now tried to escape with a rope hurriedly. He tied a rope to the chimney on the housetop when he was sliding down through the rope his neck got tightened through the noose and Sikes was estrangled. There was an open knife in his hand with which he thought to cut the rope after touching the ground. Thus there was the murder of Nancy swinging lifeless. Then after a strange thing happened. Sikes dog ran backward? and forwards with a howl and then tried to jump towards his dead master but the dog fell down into a ditch and died.

Critical Analysis

      Sikes is rejected completely by his comrades because he has murdered Nancy. His death appears like the scene of sensational melodrama but Dickens, through his art, has converted it into an act of great symbolic and moral significance.

      Reader meets a rush of events and it generates a lot of excitement. The rapid tempo of the narration indicates that novel is going to end.

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