Oliver Twist: Chapter 39 - Summary & Analysis

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Introduces some respectable Character with whom the Reader is already Acquainted and shows how Monks and the Jew Laid their Worthy Heads together.


Nancy received Sikes' Ingratitude in Return of Her Services to Him

      William Sikes asked Nancy about the time. It was night and Sikes had been lying ill. He was sick for the last three weeks and was attended upon by Nancy. Nancy told him that it was seven O'clock. She asked him how was he feeling? Sikes said he was feeling very weak. Then he cursed upon Nancy and she felt very bad and asked if this was the reward she was receiving in return for all the services rendered to him by her.

Fagin was Demanded Money by Sikes

      Fagin entered the lodging of Sikes accompanied by Bates and Dodger. This was the first time when Fagin came to visit Sikes during his illness. Sikes expressed his anger for having remained away for three weeks and come as if he was very useless for Fagin. Fagin tried to cool Sikes down by stating that he had brought some drink and other provisions for him. But Sikes demanded for money. At first, Fagin denied and said he had no money but ultimately this was decided that Nancy would go along with them at Fagin's lodging when he would give her three or four pounds which she would later on give to Sikes.

Monk's sudden Visit to Fagin

      Now everybody left Sikes and went to Fagin's lodging. When they reached there they found Toby Crackit and Tom Chitling playing the game of cribbage. Toby had won all the money from Tom and after losing all the money Tom thought it good to stick with Toby because of money. Fagin went to take out the money from where he had laid that hidden, ill order to give that to Nancy to hand over that money to Sikes. But suddenly Monks reached there. Monks said that he wanted to talk to Fagin about something in privacy. Monks did not want to reveal that in front of Nancy. Fagin took Monks to another room but as they got in Nancy crept soundlessly towards that room and standing by the door tried to overhear their private discourse. When Monks was about to leave after talking to Fagin, Nancy rushed back to her previous place in order not to be suspected.

Nancy had overheard the Conversation of Monks and Fagin

      After overhearing Monks and Fagin's conversation Nancy felt terrified. She felt it necessary to take some important steps to prevent the crime which was going to be committed by Monks. She wanted to rush away from Fagin's den and as she got the money she began to walk at her fastest speed. When she reached Sikes' lodging, she handed over the money to Sikes and again felt the need to take necessary action as soon as possible. Monks wanted to harm Oliver and Nancy was very much concerned with Oliver's welfare. To her, Oliver was very innocent and he must be saved from the tyranny of Monks. She was waiting for Sikes to fall asleep so that she could start doing something to secure Oliver. Though Sikes was, at that time, furious and resented yet he noticed a change in Nancy. He asked her about the matter but she said nothing was wrong. After sometimes, Sikes was overpowered by the drink and fell asleep. Actually, Nancy had mixed a little opium in his drink that made Sikes to sleep very soon. It was ten o'clock as the clock struck.

Nancy went to meet Miss Maylie

      Nancy came out from Sikes' den and hurriedly moved towards her destination. She was almost running through the streets. People saw her and thought her mad. She was going to a hotel in a street near Hyde Park. Nancy came to know about this hotel through the talk between Monks and Fagin which she had overheard. She reached the hotel and told the receptionist that she wanted to meet Miss Maylie. The hotel receptionist and other members of the hotel staff created much trouble for Nancy because they were not acquainted with the business Of Nancy-for what Nancy wanted to meet Miss Maylie? However, ultimately Nancy was allowed to meet Miss Maylie. (Nancy had learned it from the private conversation between Monks and Fagin that Monks was going to harm Oliver and with the purpose to save Oliver's life, Nancy came to the hotel in order to meet Miss Maylie (Miss Maylie was staying at that time in a hotel of London) so that she could take few. steps to save Oliver. Nancy learned this also from their conversation that Miss Maylie took much interest in Oliver and she was intended to save him from the hands of thieves and robbers.

Critical Analysis

      Nancy's care for Sikes is exceptional. She looks after him during his illness but in return, she receives curses or thrashes.

      Fortune leads Nancy to the den of Fagin where Monks comes to meet him and privately expresses his evil designs for Oliver. Nancy overhears their conversation and decides to save Oliver from the dangerous attempts of Monks.

      Nancy succeeds to meet Miss Rose Maylie and she takes a very bold step of mixing opium in the drink of Sikes to make him fall asleep very soon.

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