Oliver Twist: Chapter 15 - Summary & Analysis

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Showing how Very Fond of Oliver Twist the Merry Old Jew and Miss Nancy were.


Oliver Caught by Nancy

      Fagin and William Sikes met in a cheap public-house situated in the dirtiest part of a locality called "Little Saffron Hill". Fagin gave a packet to Sikes. There were few gold articles in the packet. Sikes asked if Fagin was giving him the whole share and Fagin ensured it. Suddenly Nancy appeared there. After short a while Nancy and William Sikes left the public house. As they were walking through the streets, Nancy incidentally saw Oliver going with a bundle of books. Oliver was going to return few books and to pay money to the owner of the book-stall. Nancy immediately pounced upon him and started talking to him in such a manner that she had lost her brother but now suddenly found him. She embraced Oliver with saying, "Oh, my dear brother!" Oliver protested and wanted to liberate himself from her embrace but all was in vain. A crowd gathered there and Nancy said in loud voice and very emphatically that she had got her missing brother who was not ready to go back with her. Oliver told that this woman was not related to him anyhow but crowed believed Nancy. Subsequently, Oliver was dragged by Sikes and Nancy.

Mr. Brownlow proved False

      Mr. Brownlow and Mr. Grimwig were waiting for Oliver but all was useless.

Critical Analysis

      It is the malevolent chance that sends Oliver into the street before relating to whole story to Mr. Brownlow and now he easily falls into the hands of Fagin's group.

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