Oliver Twist: Chapter: 12 - Summary & Analysis

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In which Oliver is Taken Better Care of than he Ever was Before. With some Particulars Concerning a Certain Picture.


Oliver, Nursed by Mrs. Bedwin

      Mr. Brownlow took Oliver to his residence situated in a quite street near Pentonville. In no minute, a bed was prepared for Oliver and an old woman, Mrs. Bedwin was given the charge of Oliver. Oliver was still faint and when he recovered his consciousness, he asked where was he? Mrs. Bedwin told him not to talk because he was in need of complete rest. Oliver remained confined to bed for many days because he was suffering from fever. Mrs. Bedwin took much pain in attending upon him. Subsequently, after few days Oliver started getting recovered.

      A doctor was there to attend upon Oliver and Mrs. Bedwin had been nursing him all these days. Their constant care made Oliver able to sit in an easy chair. The very first day when Oliver sat in the chair he saw a portrait of a lady hanging upon the wall. He could not stop his curiosity and asked Mrs. Bedwin who she (the portrait-lady) was. Mrs. Bedwin said that the portrait was drawn by an artist, thus he could not know about the painted lady.

Mr. Brownlow's Care for Oliver

      Mr. Brownlow often came to see Oliver. He was taking care of all the arrangements for Oliver and also took interest in doctor's treatment of Oliver. Oliver was highly grateful to both Mrs. Bedwin and Mr. Brownlow. Mr. Brownlow was still thinking about the face that resembled a lot to that of Oliver. While thinking upon it he suddenly discovered a close resemblance between the face of the lady of portrait and Oliver's. He told Mrs. Bedwin about this similarity. He found Oliver's face the photocopy of the face of painted lady whose portrait was hanging upon the wall. All of the features were alike, even expressions of their faces were also the same.

Dodger and Bates Reached to Mr. Fagin

      After running swiftly the two boys Bates and Dodger reached their master and Fagin got surprised to see Oliver missing. He smelt it that something had gone wrong.

Critical Analysis

      Oliver finds a new life though for a short time. He is taken to the house of Mrs. Brownlow away from Fagin and his evil group. He is now far from poverty, violence, ugliness or insolence of the workhouse. This change is so sudden that Oliver finds it difficult to decide whether his past was a dream or present is.

      Oliver gets very fascinated to see a portrait hanging on the wall of the house of Mr. Brownlow. There is a mystery behind this. Mr. Brownlow when sees Oliver's face he finds his face very much familiar with somebody. Now he discovers this resemblance. He finds a great similarity between the face of the portrait lady and Oliver's. This indicates some link between Mr. Brownlow and Oliver that is yet not discovered.

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