Justify the Title of the Novel Lord Jim

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      The title of the novel is most appropriate and suggestive of the content. Lord Jim is the pivotal figure of the novel. He is a protagonist and all the incidents and events of the novel revolve around him. The main focus is drawn upon the character and life of Jim. Every other character is subsidiary to him. Though their role is very significant and they are imparted with individual identity yet, they are used to highlight the character of Jim by comparison and contrast. There can not be a more apt title of the novel. The title, Lord Jim, is most appropriate.

Jim’s Act of Cowardice is Followed by the Sense of Guilt Disgrace and Humiliation

      In the very beginning of the story, when Jim was appointed as the Chief Mate of 'Patna', he indulged in an impulsive act of cowardice. At the moment of 'Patna's collision, which was carrying eight hundred pilgrims to Arab (Mecca), Jim felt almost paralyzed and stunned. He found no way to save 'Patna' and its pilgrims. Being utterly disappointed and on seeing the other white officer's efforts to escape, first he got greatly troubled, but later on, felt himself as being hooked by other officers who pulled him to the life-boat, and thus he secured his life. But 'Patna' was fortunately rescued by a French officer and an inquiry was set to judge the officers. Only Jim had faced the trial and, during that period, confronted a lot of public disgrace and humiliation. Marlow, a well wisher and true friend of Jim, procured several jobs for Jim but he kept on shifting from one place to another because of the stigma attached to his name. Finally, he was sent to Patusan, a distant and remote country, at the advice of Stein, for rehabilitation. Stein, Marlow's most trustworthy friend, on considering Jim a romantic, proposed to send him to Patusan because it was good for Jim to be left in the hands of destructive elements where he could transform his dream into reality through his own endeavors and efforts. Thus Jim's moral resurrection began after his arrival at Patusan.

Tuan Jim: As Called by the Patusan's Men

      Through his own honesty, devotion, energy and virtues, very soon, after two years, Jim was established to the rank where he was loved, trusted, esteemed and worshiped. His major achievement was to secure Bugis community from the tyrant, Sherif Ali, whom he drove away from his stockade. First, Doramin's son, Dain Waris reposed his full trust and confidence in him. Thus Jim, gradually, was admired by everybody. To Marlow, it seemed that Jim had "mastered his fate" in Patusan. All the hostile and powerful parties were getting scared of Jim. Meanwhile, there had developed a love between Jim and Cornelius's step-daughter, Jewel, and Jim had decided never to leave Patusan. Doramin and his wife wanted him to leave the country because they were thinking of making their son the ruler of Patusan; and in Jim's presence, it was not possible. On the other hand, Cornelius was jealous of Jim. He was hostile to Jim because Jim had not only robbed him of his job but also his step-daughter. He tried to extract money from Jim for looking after Jewel after his departure from Patusan but Jim paid no attention to him.

Brown's Arrival and the Tragic but Heroic end of Jim

      Jim was believed as gifted with supernatural powers. One day, when he was not in the heart of Patusan and had gone into the interior, Brown arrived there with a group of men. In fact, he took refuge there because he was in dire need of food. During their discourse, when Brown mentioned something fishy in Jim's life, instantly Jim was reminded of his stigma and the deadly disgrace he had gone through. He became lenient towards Brown because of the disclosure of that stigma. He persuaded everybody to let him and his men retreat harmlessly but Brown cheated him as tempted by Cornelius to be the ruler of Patusan. He attacked Gain Waris and Bugis community and consequently, Dain Waris was shot dead. All the public of Patusan turned hostile to Jim because they thought him wholly responsible for the death of their chief Doramin's son. Tamb Itam advised Jim to escape and Jewel to fight, but Jim felt nothing to fight for. His world had crumbled down and he did not want to indulge again in any act of cowardice. He wanted to enliven his dream of romantic hero, thus he decided to surrender himself in front of Doramin who, later on, shot him dead. Thus Jim had fearlessly embraced death to transform his dream into reality. Though his end was tragic, it was heroic. He leaves the reader after winning their sympathy and love for himself.

To Sum Up

      We find Jim the central figure of the novel and the story is about the life and death of Jim. Thus, there is no doubt about the appropriateness of the title. It is most suitable.

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