Dain Waris: Character Analysis in the Novel Lord Jim

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      Dain Waris was the son of Doramin, the chief of one of the three groups in Patusan. His death brings the final catastrophe to Jim. Jim was killed by Doramin as a revenge against Dain Waris's death.

      Dain Waris was a man of distinguished personality. He, in the novel, indicates the hidden potentialities of the colored races of the unexplored, mysterious remote countries. Marlow was deeply influenced, rather captivated, by his magnetic personality. He was a man of Silent disposition with a firm glance, ironical smile, intelligence and excessive physical power. He was a brave fighter and a good warcomrade, as regarded by Marlow.

      Dain Waris had a European mind. He possessed the tenacity of purpose, immense courage, clear vision, a touch of altruism and well proportioned temperament. He was of small constitution with a dark face and big black eyes.

      Dain Waris was the first among the Bugis community to repose complete trust in Jim. Jim would never have succeeded in his campaign against Sherif Ali, had Dain Waris not stood by Jim’s side, enthusiastically. Here, he played a crucial role in saving Jim from being killed.

      Dain Waris became the victim of the treachery of Brown who, with the assistance of Cornelius, made an attack on him and his men. He, alongwith the men of Bugis community, was hidden there to attack Brown but was, later on, prevented by Jim. Brown attacked him from the narrow channel and Dain Waris was shot dead. His death made all the people of Patusan furious and angry with Jim who was soon shot dead by Doramin.

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