The Portrait of a Lady: Chapter 50 - Summary & Analysis

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Chapter L


      During one of their visits to the Roman monuments. Isabel is temporarily separated from Pansy and the Countess. While she is waiting for these two she meets Rosier who tells her that he has sold his bibelots for fifty thousand dollars, so as to qualify a rich suitor for Pansy in the eyes of Osmond. Isabel retorts that. now Osmond will only say that Rosier is not wise. She bids him goodbye and returns home.

      After about a week Pansy informs Babel that Papa had ordered her to go to the convent. Pansy leaves for convent the same evening. After a few minutes of Pansy’s departure, Osmond explained to Isabel that he had sent Pansy to the convent because he wished her to remain fresh. Isabel wants to know what he said. It seemed to her that Osmond’s desire to be effective was capable of playing theoretic tricks on the delicate organism of his daughter. The Countess accuses him of banishing Pansy to a convent but Osmond threatens to banish his sister if she behaved like that.

Critical Analysis
      We now begin to comprehend the depth of Osmond’s malice and selfishness. For reasons best known to himself he dispatches Pansy to the convent. She is the subject of scientific experiment for him. She has been so moulded and trained by him that she will always support his machinations.

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