A Farewell To Arms: Chapter 8 - Summary and Analysis

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Saint Anthony’s Image
      The next afternoon Henry had to take his ambulance up the river as the Italians were going to mount an offensive. Before leaving, he is able to meet Catherine for a few moments. When she hears that he is going where the fighting is going on, she gives him an image of Saint Anthony for protection. Henry takes it but puts it around his neck only after his driver suggests it. As he goes up, he saw various mountains and observes the troops on the road, motor trucks, and mules carrying mountain guns.


The War
      Henry’s attitude to war and love is developed further in this chapter. An offensive is going to be launched and Henry has to take his ambulance and take care of the wounded. But for him, the offense is a ‘show’. Catherine gives him an image of Saint Anthony and refuses to say “Goodbye”. This reveals that Catherine is very concerned about his safety and fears that he may be killed. Henry on his part takes it very lightly and doesn’t even bother to wear it. He does so only at the suggestion of his driver. The rest of the chapter deals with the landscape, the maintenance, trees and the rivers which is vividly described.

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