A Farewell To Arms: Chapter 39 - Summary and Analysis

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Lover’s Chit-Chat
      By the middle of February, Henry had grown a heard. The winter had settled into bright cold days and hard cold nights. The snow was all over the country. They took long walks and every time, they went out, they had fun. They see nobody except each other and they don’t mind. They talk about this and that the hunters, the fox, the baby, Henry’s family, his beard and other is consequential things.


Love and Pleasing the Other
      Again a chapter of hardly any action. It is a further development of the discussion of the love between the two protagonists as in the previous chapter. The season has changed again. But their love has not. They are very happy in each other’s company. They have no financial worries as its been taken care of by Henry’s family. Catherine is a bit self-conscious and anxious. She wants to know if the child will make any difference to their love. And she wants to become a new Catherine after its birth for Henry to fall in love with all over again as she is slightly worried that her pregnancy condition might not be appealing to Henry. But Henry assures her of his love and the chapter ends on a very happy note that a new and better-looking Catherine would ruin Henry by making him fall hopelessly in love with her.

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