A Farewell To Arms: Book 2 - Summary

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      Henry’s wound serves as a means to open his eyes about the war. Especially more so when he is told that he will get an award for bravery. It also serves as an excuse to take the lovers away from the scene of war to another where the love theme can be developed.

      Henry is now at the American Hospital in Milan. And Catherine too is transferred there. On seeing her, Henry realizes that he had truly fallen in love. Earlier, love had been just a game like bridge played for status. But now he is very much in love. As he recuperates from his wounds their love affair blooms. They lead a nice life during that summer. But Henry has to return to the front. Catherine also tells him that she was pregnant. She had tried everything but nothing worked and she was pregnant. Henry offers to marry but she refuses. The lovers part in the rain and the book ends on this gloomy note.

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