Gitanjali Poem No. 65 - Summary and Analysis

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What divine drink wouldst thou have, my God, from this overflowing cup of my life?

My poet, is it thy delight to see thy creation through my eyes and to stand at the portals of my ears silently to listen to thine own eternal harmony?

Thy world is weaving words in my mind and thy joy is adding music to them. Thou givest thyself to me in love and then feelest thine own entire sweetness in me.

What divine drink wouldst thou have, my God, from this overflowing cup of my life?
Gitanjali Poem no. 65


      This is one of the characteristics of the Indian devotional poetry that God is treated in different disguises. He is a beloved, a subject's king, a beggar's hope, a devotee's God, a traveller's destination and in this lyric he is a poet's poet. Everywhere the love between these two is presented as a mutual affinity.

      God manifests himself in Nature and He enjoys this eternal bliss with the joys of man. Human life provided by God is the cup from which God drinks the love and devotion of His devotees. He is the poets poet, his inspiration. The poet writes and He enjoys his songs. The God enjoys creating this creation and delights in the rejoicing spirit of this creation. Man is the instrument on which God plays sweet melodies and listens with delight to His own music. The joy of poet is God'joy. He sees His creation through the eyes of the poet, and to stand at the gates of his ears and silently listen to His own everlasting harmony. The creation of God, this world supplies to the poet the words of his song, it is God who inspires them with music. God's love is a gift to man and God feels His own complete sweetness in him. God is the love of man, inspiration of poet, human soul's delight and music of a musician. He comes to everyone to complete, fulfill their wishes and feels delight in their joy of union with this infinite love, the Almighty.

Critical Analysis

      The poem has a mystical approach. It depicts the relation of man and God. The eternal bond of love, devotion, purity and spirituality. The relationship of love fills both man and God with satisfaction and sweetness. God has created the things joyfully and He enjoys the rejoicing sound of man when he enjoys the mystical bliss results from the eternal union of God and pure soul of His devotee.


      Divine: related to God Overflowing: full to the brim. Portals: doors. Eternal: everlasting. Harmony: music. Entire: absolute.

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