Kiran Desai: Contribution as Indian English Novelist

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       Kiran Desai born in 1971 is an Indian author who is citizen of India and a permanent resident of the USA. Her novel 'The Inheritance of loss' won the 2006 Booker prize and the National Book Critics Circle fiction award. Her first novel 'Hullabaloo' published in 1998, won 'Betty Trask Award', a prize given by the society of Authors for the new novels by citizens of the Common Wealth of nations under the age of 35. 'The Inheritance of Loss' opens with a teenage Indian girl, an orphan called Sai, living with her Cambridge educated Anglophile grandfather, a retired judge, in the town of Kalimpong on the Indian side of the Himalayas.

Kiran Desai has handled several major issues of modern civilization
Kiran Desai

      Sai is romantically involved with her maths tutor, Gyan, the Descendant of a Nepali Ghurkha mercenary, but he eventually recalls from her obvious privilege and falls in with a group of Ethnic Nepalese insurgents. Kiran Desai has handled several major issues of modern civilization in her second novel. The concept of globalisation is multisided. It has economic, political, social, cultural and educational aspects. It may create an opportunity or a danger, because of Globalisation, situations have changed, new concepts have emerged and people have stepped out their areas of confinement to find company and competency among their counter parts. Dr. Shubha Mukherjee remarks "Kiran Desai's 'The Inheritance of Loss' presents the picture of globalised India. The characters like Jamubhai Patel, Mrs and Mr Mistry, Sai, Biju Nonita and Lolita are affected by Globalisation. As intelligent writer and careful observer of human behaviour, Kiran Desai fulfils the responsibility of writing about current sensational issues."

      At Such moments, Desai seems far from writers like Zadie Smith and Hari Kudzu whose fiction takes a generally optimistic view of what Salman Rushdie has called, "Hybridity, impurity, inter mingling, the transformation that comes of new and unexpected combinations of human beings, cultures, ideas, politics, movies, and songs." Women writers have gone up from difficult to tribal and rural areas too, but all of them have expressed their concern for women and their problems. The variety of subjects, they have touched upon is a great contribution in creating awareness for the modern women all over the globe. The variety of subjects handled by them considering Indian environment needs an appreciation. Some of the writers have not claimed that they belong to feminist's movement yet their writings suggest that their inner spirit and feelings are for the welfare of the women only.

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