Character of Amal: in The Post Office.

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      Rabindranath Tagore is primarily remember for his beautifully lyrical songs and poems. Yet his dramatic achievement is no less great. His place are chiefly remember for their unique structural design, memorable, also psychological plots and very well conceived characters. Symbolism of a play like The Post Office is brilliant in the sense that Tagore could artistically include in it one of the most nobel well-thought out characters portraits. A part from several other characters in the play, Amal deserves to be mentioned particularly there are various reason behind it.

Amal's character is extremely attractive in the sense that he never allows himself to be bored with others.

      Amal is first of all highly imaginative. His imagination follows that of his never ending curiosity, almost about everything. His imagination forces him to think at one time to be with the world of squirrels, at the other time he imagines himself belonging to the land of parrots. It is Amal, who represents the ever thirsty mind to cross its mortal limitations, to go beyond the The horizon, to see the unseen to know the unknown. Amal's mind is forever fresh as dew on that 'dewy innocence' he feels himself unstoppable limitless to feel the 'call of the wind'.

      Not only that, Amal's friendly nature is also highly worthy, enabling him to make friends with every unknown personality every uncertain, unacknowledged moods are modes of behaviour. His superb curiosity strong sense of imagination, lovable, tender appearances help him to make acquainted with the Diary man, the Watch men, the Head man, the group of boys, the flower Seller, Sadhu and many others.

      Amal's character is extremely attractive in the sense that he never allows himself to be bored with others. Each and every time he keeps himself constantly busy, simply with his own inner resources. Like other materialistic people how Amal needs no more the company of group gathering or with relatives. His mind forever prepares Amal to have a talk with the parallel reality of existence - to see that the secret of nature, to feel the magical abundance, to hanker after god's grace and finally to be united with all encompassing force of the world.

      This is Amal the most cutest creation penned by India's greatest son of the soil the Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. He shines all over the play Amal grace spreads thus a nameless charm through the entire drama.

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