The Casket Episode in The Play She Stoops To Conquer

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    The Casket of Miss Constance Neville's Jewels plays an important part in the subplot of She Stoops To Conquer. The Casket episode shapes the course of the Hastings - Neville's love story Hastings love constance deeply. He desire only her person and considers her fortune worthless. He wishes her to run of to French leaving her fortune behind. But she is reluctant to elope without her jewels after the exposure of Hastings plan of elopement. She counts much on fortune as an element of life's happiness. When Hastings prevails upon her to run off. She expresses her determination of follow the dicates of prudence. Tony who is eager to get rid of Neville comes to the help of Hastings. He steals the Casket of jewels from his mother custody and lands it over to Hastings. The discovery of the laws of the the jewels drives Mrs. Hardcastle frenetic and as a result is produced one of the most comical scene in the play.

The Casket of Miss Constance Neville's Jewels plays and important part in the subplot of She Stoops To Conquer.
Casket of Miss Neville

      The Casket episode throws light on the characters of the subplot. It shows the low greedy and grabbing mentality of Mrs Hardcastle it is her desire to keep the jewels in the family. The Casket episode reveals Miss Neville as a prudent women who considered fortune more important than love. Though has Hastings insists on immediate elopement, she wants him to wait for her 2 or 3 years so that she might not be deprived of her fortune. The Casket episode reveals Tony's generous nature, he is ever ready to help a man out of distresses. He is not mercenary unlike his mother, no greed for Miss Neville's jewels and finally the episode shows Hastings as a true lover, who loves her lady and not her jewels.

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