As You Like It: as A Romantic Comedy.

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      Romantic Comedy is one of the most discussed and talked about genre of dramatic literature. This type of comedy has fully flourished and develop during the great elizabethan period. This type of comedy provides the romantic elements engaged with comic materials. The romantic elements delights, thrill and appeal to two heart and comic elements makes us laugh. Romantic Comedy appeals to our imagination and emotion based providing sense of humour. Generally this type of drama ends in happy ending, where the happy marriage between couples take place uniting various disjoint element into one fine texture. The unity of time, place and action may not strictly be followed in such plays.

The world of Romantic Comedy in As You Like It.
Romantic Comedy (drama)

      As the world of Romantic Comedy takes us to a world of ideal atmosphere, that is more lovelier than the actual world. So in As You Like It the romantic elements transport us to a world of make believe a land of ideal habitation, which appeals mere altering and delightful then the harsh realities of life. The forest of Arden as an ideal place created an atmosphere of love and romance. It is that place where the love between Rosalind and Orlando, Oliver and Celia, Touchstone and Audrey, have all been given they are ideal setting of romance.

      The major complexities of the play are solved in the happy and colourful land of the pastoral. Also as a Romantic Comedy all the couples have achieved there happy married life and all the romantic elopements have got their fulfillment. The separated lovers are at the end of the play united with each other. All the loose threads are finally connected in the romantic bossom of the forest of Arden. In this way As You Like It can definitely be called a romantic comedy.

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