Mrs. Hardcastle: Character in She Stoops To Conquer

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      Mrs Hardcastle wife of Mr Hardcastle is type of the foolish egoistic and elderly country women, madly running after the city fashion. She hates country life and everything that is old or old fashioned. She dislike living in an old mansion that look like an inn. Mrs. Hardcastle cannot bear with her husband's fondness for old things and outdated fashions. As a character Mrs Hardcastle and her infatuation for London goes hand in hand with her modernity. There is nothing in the world which she loves to talk of so much as London and its fashions, thus  she has never been there. Mrs Hardcastle is a vein foolish women. She is on the wrong side of fifty but still she things herself young and beautiful. As a character it is her vanity that makes her crazy for flattery.

Mrs Hardcastle is a type of the foolish egoistic and elderly country women,.
Mrs Hardcastle

      Greed for money is a dominant trait in her character. She wants to marry her son Tony to Miss Neville not for her physical and intellectual excellences, but for her fortune. As a matter Mrs Hardcastle is a loyal mother. Her love and concern for Tony know no bounds. She cannot send him to school because she thought school would be the place of his death. She is so concerned about his health that she has been dosing her even since he was born. As a character in the play Mrs Hardcastle appears a true mother, a mother who is ready to give her life for her son.

      Unlike her husband she is is gullible Mrs Hardcastle is to willing to you believe anything and anyone, specially she swallows whatever Tony tells her. She was greatly confused when Marlow sends her the casket of jewels through a servant. But as Tony tell her it was all a mistake of servants, she believe it.

      Mrs Hardcastle in the comedy represents four stroke dramatic types of comic figure. She is at once the extra ordinary loyal mother of a spoiled son, and a lady who has fondness for new fashion, who mourn to live in the country. As aunt to Neville she embodies a third type of characteristics which is of a extortionate. In our final assessment Mrs Hardcastle appears to be a most significant character in She Stoops To Conquer.

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