Two World's of Country and Court Life || As You Like It

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      Shakespeare's dramatic play's are often exposed towards the terms of oppositions, As You Like It is no exception. Odds between the two avenues of life is seen on various stages : (1) Social norms associated with civilized society of court life is compared with the value of simple living in the forest of Arden; (2) Familial animosity that sets brother against brother and parent against child are portrait in both sphere of living; (3) Personal contrast in between courtships and forest dwellers are based on genuine emotion as Orlando and Rosalind and those which are based on formal conventions as Silvius and Phebe. 

In As You Like It Shakespeare has romantically presented the two worlds.
Court & Country

      In As You Like It Shakespeare has romantically presented the two worlds - one is set in the court of Duke's and the other one is set in the ideal natural atmosphere of the forest of Arden. Through the entire drama all the major and important incidents are shown taking place either in the court of Duke Frederick or in the pastoral shelter of Duke senior. Both the world are connected to each other through the chain of events. We see that there are clashes and bitter fight quarrels between two brothers, the wrath of Duke Frederick, the wrestling mach the court love and undeserved punishments of tender maidens. All these incidents are found taking place inside the glamour or glory of court.

      On the other hand we have true idealic presentation of the forest of Arden, where people take their refuge, where everything is good and colourful where simple lustiest characters make love each other forgetting there worries and tensions. In the play we see that banished from the court Rosalind and Celia, Oliver and Orlando, Touchstone and many others have found there desire shelter on the bossom of nature. There is found no fortunes from the court, no tensions from the Duke's, no fear of banishment. It is the land of dreams where all the natural creatures including human beings are found completely at peace with each other. That pastoral shelter has been compared with the court life as kind of Eden in the play. Thus William Shakespeare has presented the two separate world in the drama and presented in a fine texture.

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