Rosalind: Character Analysis in The Play - As You Like It

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      Shakespeare has created some of the most marvelous female characters in his drama, comedy, as well as tragedies. Side by side with Hamlet and King Lear or Macbeth, they are also shining the tremendous figures of Miranda Rosalind, Portia, Desdemona, Lady Macbeth, and many others. Among his comedies which include As You Like It also Rosalind is one of the greatest and most charming female personalities. She is the heroine of the play always bright, interesting, intelligent, humorous, and fascinating. Her character shows the dynamic capacity of wearing the personality of a bold and gorgeous lady. The most amusing feature in her character lies in the fact that her very appearance spreads a nameless charm over the other fellow characters.

Rosalind is the only daughter of Duke senior and in heart she is extremely kind.

      Rosalind is the only daughter of Duke senior and in heart, she is extremely kind when we first meet her, then we find her in a sad mood mourning the banishment of her father. But Rosalind never allows her common sense to be disturbed by her sadness and melancholy. She is always quick and alert in body and spirit can use her intelligence properly when the situation demands. One of the most lovable traits in her character lies in her caring and loving attitude. With the same passion and kind-heartedness. She loves both her sister Celia and her lover Orlando and her father also. For Celia, her sense of respect love, and honor can never be measured.

      Once in the Forest of Arden Rosalind appears as an entirely changed person and her character goes much more complex. In the Forest of Arden, we find Rosalind master in handling every complex situation between Silvius and Phebe, Touchstone and Audrey, Oliver and Celia. There we find Rosalind as an extremely intelligent female person a lady who is highly mature enough to recognize the various shortcomings of other characters. At the same time, Rosalind brilliantly recognized the true worth and dignity in the depth of her love for Orlando, which ultimately ends in winning him. Rosalind the court lady has come out from her all sorts of fantasies and stepped on the hard soil of reality.

      Her role in the Forest of Arden almost becomes a symbol of dominating, understanding, caring, loving, directing the course of action. The true character of Rosalind comes out in the Forest of Arden in the ideal bosom of nature and it is she who ultimately assumes the role of a problem solver, and at the end of the play it is mainly because of Rosalind all the loose connections, all the disconnected elements are joined together. Thus Rosalind plays the leading role in the whole drama, each moment proving her outstanding qualities of head and heart, which ultimately makes her one of the Immortal female characters ever created by William Shakespeare.

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