Jacques in The Play As You Like It

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      Among the various type of humours and psychological temperaments, one such is the the element of sorrow. In the play As You Like It the character Jacques portrait as a 'type personality' representing the particular type of psychological disposition namely the melancholy. As a person he belong to the family of Oliver and Orlando being one of the son of sir Rowland de Boice. He is depicted as such a character whose outlook towards life can be termed as pessimistic by temperament.

Jacques representing the particular type of psychological disposition melancholy.
Jacques (As You Like It)

Jacques is always found in the play extremely sad who suffers from his own sense of melancholy prospective of life. Jacques is always found upset and every time the man and scene lamenting and moralising upon the fate of the entire mankind. His famous speech which which occurs in scene 6, Act 2 is extremely philosophic at the same time feels oneself with the sensation of melancholy. His speech "All the world a stage and all the men and women merely players......." truly provides the typical sensation of a philosopher.

      The popularity of Jacques is based on the interest and amusement along with fun he provide to others with his close observation. It is Jacques who gives a complete realistic touch to the pastoral, when he points out the flaws in the ideal Arden by commenting on the wondered deer. Jacques is almost a kind of observer, extremely sensitive having imagination enough to see the common facts of nature in such a way so that then no longer seen common.

       In the Arden during the conversation between Jacques and Touchstone he shows his capacity of witty humour. Though he is perpetually finding everything, still he deserves our admiration as being the person who maintains a link between the court and the forest of Arden. It is thus Jacques has his own importance in the general scheme of As You Like It. He is of all the character the most gravest and the most intellectual and a serious tone to this guy comedy by his sombre reflections.

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