Write a brief note on Shakespearean Tragedy?

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      The Shakespearean tragedy is actually a form of the romantic tragedy that flourished in the elizabethan age its source of inspiration is mainly Seneca - his revenge plays. The tragedy with Shakespeare is always considered with the story of the exceptional suffering of the hero or the both the hero and heroine. In each tragedy he has drawn some mighty heroic  features who bring their own calamity and destruction and each tragic Hero has his or her "Hamartia", an error of judgement Shakespearean tragedies give rise to the feelings and pity and fear and at the end of each tragedy the stage is flooded with dead bodies.

Shakespearian tragedy
Shakespearean Tragedy

      In many of the tragedies by Shakespeare there are found violent murders shocking revelations supernatural appearances, ghost, witches, terror, revenge and blood etc. In a Shakespearean tragedy there are always found galaxy of characters well drawn and brilliantly sketched by the author. A tragedy by Shakespeare is always a balanced composition between the power of human destiny and the exceptional abilities of a character. In this domain of tragedy, there are some of the world's greatest tragedies are found existed Shakespeare's - Macbeth, Hamlet, King Lear, Othello, Julius Caesar, Antony and Cleopatra etc. have been considered the most successful tragedies on an English stage.

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