Romant of The Rose: Great Mediaeval Poem of Chaucer

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      The greatest medieval poet Geoffrey Chaucer composed 'The Romant Of The Rose' a length allegorical poem written in Octosyllabic couplets.

      Chaucer's 'The Romant of The Rose' is based upon 'Romant De Le Rose' originally written by Guillaume De Lorris and Jean De Meung. This poem is originally composed in France language and also it has an allegorical basis. Chaucer translated this entire poem into English.

      In the great age of Chaucer, there are found many poets who appeared as the contemporaries of Chaucer. Chiefly among them to names are to be remembered they are 'William Langland' who wrote 'Piers the Plowman' and another one is 'John Gower', famous for his Latin work 'Confessio Amantis'.

      Among the various unique feature of Chaucer's poetry, the chief features include his observation, humor and pathos, his narrative power and metrical skill. Chaucer's unique feature as a poet lies in his keen faculty of observation. Chaucer was a man of the world mixing freely with all types of mankind. And that power of observation is found in his Canterbury Tales, where is observation of each character goes unique. Chaucer's poetry is always marked for his unique capability of description. Chaucer's best description of man, manners and places are of the first rank in their beauty, impressiveness and humor. The Canterbury Tales and it's Prologue contemplate material to illustrate Chaucer's power in describing the Knights, Square, Wife and Both etc.

      The most prominent feature in Chaucer's poetry is found is his sense of humor and pathos. The humor which all his poetry has great variety patronizing as in the case of the Oxford, Wife of Both, The Pardoner, The Miller etc. Finally, Chaucer's uniqueness as a story teller in verse and his unique narration always found magnanimous. At the end of our discussing we may say that in the matter of political technique English poetry owes much to Chaucer. His use of seven-line stanza "a b a b b c c" has become so unique that his technique of versification has come to be known 'Spenserian Stanza' or 'Rhyme Royal.

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