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      In the history of English literature Geoffrey Chaucer who was born in early 1340 and died 1400. Marks the brilliant development of Middle English Literature. Chaucer was a versatile genius and he had the opportunity of knowing men in all ranks of society. He was train in the courtly life, the diplomatically life, and urban life of affairs. His visits to France and Italy on government service give him an opportunity of coming into direct contact with French and Italian men of letters and as a result he could produce such a versatile literature. Chaucer's literary phrase are divided in to three periods namely the French period, the Italian period, and the English period.


      Italian Period :- On the writings of Chaucer the most notable Italian influence have come from 'Boccaccio' and 'Dante' due to the Italian influence. Chaucer wrote 'Knights Tale' and 'Troilus and Criseyde'. Both the poem have the thrill of chivalrous and adventurous life of the tenderness of the warm and true love during the Italian period, Chaucer also wrote the 'Legend Good Women'.

      English Period :- The remarkable masterpiece of Chaucer's literacy genius is certainly 'The Canterbury Tales' in which Chaucer's Canvas of operation is much wider. He begin that ambitious literary project about 1387 and continued to work on it till his own death. In his plan conception and sense of wit and humour 'The Canterbury Tales' remains even today unsurpassable literary work. In this great English period chaucer has gifted to the world of English literature that literary composition which has undoubtedly glorified the growth evolution of English period.

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