Importance of Anglo Saxon Chronicle in English Literature

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      The earliest recording specimen of Anglo-Saxon prose is the Anglo-Saxons Chronicle. This is recognized as the most important monument or document of old English prose, which contains a connected history of the British Kings from the middle of the 8th century to the 12th century. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle was originally a loose and dry monkish creation. It contained at first nothing but the record of some important birth and deaths in the West Saxon Kingdom. There are different versions of the chronicle such as The Winchester Annal and The Worcester Annal.

      But the glorious career of the chronicle is however seen under the influential patronage of King Alfred and gradually the chronicle becomes an important model for the shipping of Old English prose. The Anglo Saxon Chronicle was not the work of a single hand or of a single please this Chronicle is not important as a particular literary achievement, but as the milestone of the literary and cultural achievement of the nation. Thus in the history of Old English literature, the worth of the chronicle proves so immense that it is considered as the foundation of Anglo-Saxon prose as well as English prose literature.

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